Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: De Arma's recent album "Lost, Alien & Forlorn"

De Arma is a project of some Black Metal musicians such as Andreas Pettersson (Armagedda, Lönndom...) and Frank Allain (Fen), together with drummer Johan Marklund. They just released the album Lost, Alien & Forlorn on the past 22nd February.
This is a very melodic and post Rock album. It has Black Metalish voices at times, but it is mostly atmospheric Black Metal with clean voices. If you are into post Black Metal bands, you should totally go for this. Everything is very well combined, very pleasant and relaxed.
Very easy to listen and to get hooked to, melodies really keep playing inside your head for a long time.
Lost, Alien & Forlorn contains seven tracks, all of them in the same line, never boring if that's what you are thinking. They all seem very united and focused, amazing guitar arrangements and catchy riffs, perfect voices and everything very rhythmic, a bit sad at some points. Not a bad thing though.
This is also the first release on German label Trollmusic. Hopefully they will bring us more good music in the future.
For those who don't know, De Arma had released a split with Fen in 2011, called Towards the Shores of the End.
So again, if this is your kind of thing, go for it, this is a very good project with very good musicians and even though it is not properly Black Metal, it has some strong influences and the song Behind These Filthy Panes is a very heavy and I would say 90% Black Metal song!
Lachryma Christi is just sad for only now being able to write and share this short review. 

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