Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: In Vain's recent album "Ænigma"

Death/Black Metal band from Norway In Vain released a new album called Ænigma in the beginning of the Month through Indie Recordings. This is a very good album indeed, very versatile and varied. It has a bit of Progressive Metal, Death Metal and also Black Metal, very much like à la In Flames at times. Clean voices suit just perfectly and there is a lot of harmony even on the heaviest parts.
This is the kind of band that is hard not to get into. It is so easy to find them catchy and pleasant to listen to. Even if you are reading or doing some other activity, Ænigma is just a perfect soundtrack. 
The cover shows us a lady with a blue cloak and a angry wolf. She is pointing to the skies with her eyes closed. 
The album has 9 tracks, all of them in the same varied but cohesive style. All very strong and melodious and even violent at times, if we can put it that way.
This is In Vain's third album and apparently the best one and also the most diverse one. 
So if you are ready for very powerful songs, with a bit more Death Metal guitar work than properly Black Metal but so full in their presence that you can almost touch them, go for Ænigma, you will not regret it!

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