Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Recently released split Helrunar / Árstí∂ir Lífsins "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation"

This split came out a bit ago already, more precisely in July, through Prophecy Productions.
It is an amazing work, two tracks, from the bands Helrunar and Árstí∂ir Lífsins. It is really good, really classical if we can put it this way.
Helrunar song called Wein für Polyphem, is around 15 minutes long. It is beautiful. It has an intro featuring a female voice, singing a melancholic chant, really strange and magic. You can also hear a background sound that seems to be the sea. After around 1:50 minutes of this special intro, a male chorus takes over, always with the same background sound. It is really hypnotic. Really really interesting. Keeps you hooked. After 3 minutes of quiet and dreamy music, finally comes the awaited Black Metal part. All of it makes a great composition, everything matching and really sounding very good as a whole. The Black Metal part is heavy, fast, furious, really great, amazing throaty voice, really powerful, and a bit later on you can count on some doom bits together with male chorus. It is really good. Really makes your imagination go wild.
Second song by Árstí∂ir Lífsins called Vindsvalarmál is a bit longer, around 19 minutes, but on the same line. Starts with something that sounds like wind, and a sad romantic violin melody. Again, after 1:50 minutes of introduction it changes, and there come words, male voice reciting and in a bit comes a very furious and aggressive music, really great, really majestic, so hard to describe in words!
Everyone who hasn't heard this work yet, please do a favor to yourselves and do it. It is really great, one of the best things that came out this year! It has everything you can dream of, from melody, to anger, with all that these things mean.

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