Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Into the Nethermost's latest album "Once Upon the Graveyard"

Into the Nethermost are a band from Spain, more precisely from Barcelona. They play a very nice Death/Black Metal.
Earlier this year they released their album Once Upon the Graveyard. It is a 8 track album. Really good. It is always good when Lachryma Christi is surprised by e-mails from bands who are still not famous worldwide. Sometimes there are good surprises like this album.
Once Upon the Graveyard is really melodic, really heavy, really full of good vibes. These guys really know what they want, which direction they are going and what they want in the end. Their sound is really sober, really big, really emotional. The voice is very angry and serious, matching all the professionalism of the rest of the band.
It has some rock bits, and some acoustic details, but in general it is really heavy, with strong melodies and a really good attitude.
Hopefully they will get what they deserve. Hopefully we will hear from them at some time soon again.

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