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Interview with Endezzma (NOR)

This time Lachryma Christi had the pleasure of interviewing this great Norwegian band that is Endezzma. After trying for a long time, it was now finally possible.
For those who don't know, Endezzma released an album last year called Erotik Nekrosis (you can find a review for the same here http://lachrymachristizine.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/review-endezzmas-new-album-erotik.html ), and they are currently working on new stuff. Let's see what Morten Shax told to Lachryma Christi.

What does the name Endezzma mean?

Endezzma is a personal expression about death and internal darkness, a word that spell the meaning of our transcendence into the black.

Can you tell a bit of the story of the band?

I short terms Endezzma as the last constellation that formed and lead us to where we stand today, started back in 2005 when I decided to pick up the music again and create something that I thought was missing in the era of modern dark music which we know it today. I got Trondr Nefas from Urgehal with me, and together we made the Alone EP and got Jontho from Ragnarok with us on drums. We played some shows across Europe in the coming years and started to work on a full length album namely Erotik Nekrosis. But as many people is aware of a lot of thing occurred on the way to the final release date, among others Trondr Nefas sudden death! But we have now a strong line up and for the moment we are in studio working on album nr.2 so in one way I will say we are stronger than ever.

Erotik Nekrosis is such a masterpiece, why did you wait such a long time to release an album?

Thank’s for your consideration. Well, it’s easy to look back in time and tell that we should have done this and that, but obviously we made some bad decisions concerning the working method on the recording, and we faced some problems with lost data on our way. We had some line-up changes and some other difficulties. And then in the end when we were close to the end of the production Nefas died. But all in all I just think we just didn’t rush anything. I didn’t wanted to take quick solutions to be done and at some places the hardest roads was chosen. Looking back today I’m proud we took the decisions we took based on the quality of the end result. It’s something I can stand behind 110% and that was the goal all the way during the process even though it took a light-year to be done. I can ensure everyone that the next album will be out much faster though. Actually already next year, since we already had a lot of material ready for the next album even before Erotik was released.

How has been the appreciation of the public to Erotik Nekrosis?

It’s as good as it get. The critics have been very good and united in high scores excellent reviews. Even it’s a cliché I must say that I’m not too much into leaving the faith of the band into the hands of media and the journalists. I’ve been in the scene since 1990, and I think I’m more capable of knowing what’s good and not than the majority of kid having a journalistic affair, or a “fling” with the scene for a period doing some reviews for a magazine or a website. When I think we have done the right thing, I’m confident in myself. But of course it’s less annoying to see that everyone agree with me. But at the end of the day we don’t base our musicianship on critic’s, after all we’re Black fucking Metal !

Endezzma have been playing quite a few gigs this year, was the reaction of the public as you expected?

Yes we did a lot of gigs around Europe and many more to come. The reactions from the audience have been just one dimensional awesome, I think the audience really catch the vibe and receive the energy that we put into our live shows. We give everything on the stage, no matter a small or huge crowd. It’s a darkness that burns inside us, on stage we open the gates to our inner self. When we go out on stage we don’t look back until the final tune dies out. I think too many bands today put way too little into a good live performance, or they just have nothing to tell, nothing genuine in their hearts. But if you have something you want to preach, something that really comes out from the genuine soul, you automatically speaks from your heart and express a certain energy and atmosphere on stage that people absorb and relate to very fast.

What is your own favourite track? Why?

Do you ever manage to make a mother favorite one of her children? All the songs that made it to the album have a strong position in my soul.  But maybe I can say that a song like Swansong Of A Giant have a special meaning to me. There is an energy in that song that make my blood shiver and boil when we perform it live.

What have been your biggest influences along your career?

The Devil. Hail H.I.M !

What was your most remarkable show? Why?

There have been a few memorable shows. But one that first that comes to mind must be a show in Varna,Bulgaria. We drove like 1 million kilometer, I think we was driving from Bosnia from a show the day before. It was such a fucking long drive into nowhere on the Bulgarian cost.  When we arrived, to our surprise we was met with people lined up outside the venue. The venue was very good and professional with a crazy and huge crowd. The organizer had planned a show for us in front of the stage while we was doing our shows, with local soldiers and fighters doing a battle play with helmets and swords in front of the stage during the first 2 songs, before they let the audience to the front. That was a crazy and absurd experience.

What are the plans for the next future after playing live all these gigs?

We’re entering studio this week to record the new album. We will lock our self in the studio for the rest of the year, seal the doors and come out again when we in our minds believe we have the dirtiest, sickest and most degenerated black masterpiece of all times in our hands. Like a bear in hibernation of damnation. Either we kill each other in there or we come out half alive with a documentation for the world to hear.
Next year the plan is to release the upcoming new album. And to do some dark sick live celebrations around the globe. A tour in Mexico and the U.S is under negotiation. And we will most certainly do a west European tour.

Any last message you would like to leave to fans of Endezzma and of Black Metal in general?

To the sick people out there, see you on the road!  Fans of Black Metal in general ?, well I find it hard to believe in you, who are you and will you be there in 10 years. Can’t expect everyone to have been there from the beginning, people find the darkness with time, but when you first find it, stick to it, last and stand the distance..

Line up:

Morten Shax - vocal
Nihil - Guitar
Sregroth - Bass
Mattis Malphas - Guitar
Carl Balam - Battery

Latest release:

Erotik Nekrosis (2012)

You can find more information and music of Endezzma in:

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