Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Grim Funeral's recent album "Abdication under funeral dirge"

Grim Funeral is a Spanish one man band. Abdication Under Funeral Dirge is the second album and it was released earlier this month through Avantgarde Music. Grim Funeral has been around for ten years now. The album is good as a global thing. The concept is quite good, but the guitars are somewhat baffling when they are heard by themselves as they are so out of tune. Lachryma Christi made a big effort to understand if it was on purpose on not, but sadly the conclusion came out blank.
But, as said before, the concept is good. All together actually sounds good, interesting work. The voice is so full of pain and despair, really hard to not feel sympathy with it.
All tracks are very "funeral" but the music is nice, if you can put up with the guitar issue, that is. Still, there is nothing very original here, it is normal for nowadays. If you like the sort of dragged black metal with screaming hurt voice and a bit of confusion here and there you will like this. Don't expect anything very neat, expect something OK.

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