Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Handful of Hate's recent album "To Perdition"

Handful of Hate are now celebrating 20 years of career and they just released yesterday their 6th album called To Perdition, through Code666 Records.
It is hard to describe the album with words. It is good. Much aggressiveness in 11 tracks.
This is very traditional, very pure Black Metal. Actually the band is quite known for their perfect Black Metal music.
Maybe To Perdition has some Death Metal influences. Still, Lachryma Christi thinks this is very Black Metalish with everything it involves.
So there are the ultra fast drums, the very suffered voice, the high pitched guitar riffs and rhythms, the melodies here and there, everything very raw and sober, with a very good production as well, not the "raw" as in bad quality or anything, everything is perfectly easy to hear and understand, no mistakes, nothing wrong in there. It is not different of what they have been doing though, following the same line of other of their releases, and following the traditional way of Black Metal itself.
So if this is your kind of thing, don't worry, you will be completely satisfied after you hear it. If not your thing, give it a go anyway, you may like it. It is addictive, it is the kind of thing you want to hear over and over again. Good stuff.

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