Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: GIG Rotting Christ + Twilight of the Gods + Negura Bunget @ London, Electrowerkz

So Rotting Christ gig. This one was a good one. But let's start from the beginning then. First band, a band Lachryma Christi never heard of before, called Krysantemia. They played some short 15 minutes or so, but it was good. Sadly, they should have played for longer. It is not proper Black Metal, it is actually quite Death/Thrash metal. But that was quite good, quite heavy and crowd was already starting getting involved but they played really for a short time only.
Next band was Negura Bunget. And about this one Lachryma Christi doesn't have many good things to say. It is the third time  LC assists to a gig of this band. First one ten years ago, was amazing, one of the best shows ever. Second time was two years ago and it was completely different, not good. Last night it was close to terrible. It is really sad that they changed so much. They still do their "swop instuments" thing, and they still try to be entertaining and deep but honestly there are already so many things that don't match there, and that are becoming inadequate.
Third band, Twilight of the Gods. Lachryma Christi received the album for review, and didn't review it because it is not Black Metal. Still, LC heard it and it sounded like a disaster at first. Well, the gig was just great, awesome, really good. Really entertaining, the vocalist still screams a lot during his performance (which was one of the negative points in the album), but he is a great frontman. The expectations were not good, but the result was extraordinary, really amazing. A band to see again in the future, hopefully. They are very interactive, sober, really cool heavy metal posture and even though the album sounded like a "disaster", the songs at the gig were recognizable already since the first seconds, which means they really are good. If you have the chance, see them!
And to end this short review, let's go now about the headliners Rotting Christ. One of the best gigs ever. Lachryma Christi was present at their gig at The Forum (London) last year, and it wasn't so emotional as last night. Last night the venue at some point felt too small, because there was a huge moshpit at some point, and the options were to be there or to be squeezed in the back rows. Sakis was challenging people with his gesture asking for a moshpit, and the front rows went crazy. Good crazy,
They played hits, and they played songs from the new album as well. Crowd was really enthusiastic and frantic. There were people of varied styles and ages but all of them were just enjoying the gig a lot. The venue was full also of Greek people, which is obvious, but which wasn't so noticeable at The Forum last year.
Rotting Christ play each song as an hymn and crowd corresponds to it which makes everyone satisfied in the end. You could see that everyone was quite happy at each song, band and public.
As to the sound, was good, there were no major problems, not noticeable at least. The venue is not pleasant but it does the trick as there are no embarassments as sometimes big rooms bring because of the quality of sound.
Venue is not big, but this room was much better than the room where Endstille played (in the same building) not a long time ago.
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