Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Nocturnal Depression's upcoming EP "L’isolement"

Nocturnal Depression, Black Metal band from France are releasing an EP on the 29th of November through Avantgarde Music, called L’isolement. It will be released on vinyl only and 100 copies of this EP will include a bonus CD featuring two extra tracks (Nargaroth and Forgotten Tomb cover songs).
This is a really good work. Original tracks are just awesome, really powerful and full of rhythm. It is aggressive enough, melodic enough, really good. Really melancholic and even romantic at times if we can put it that way.
The covers are just perfect. Both tracks are the most remarkable of each band for Lachryma Christi. They are not only great amazing songs, as the covers are really good as well.
Nocturnal Depression are a very good band, but this EP is such a good surprise. So good, everything is really good in here, so pleasant. Depressive, yes. But good, very good.
Go for L’isolement when it comes out, only 9 days to wait now, it is perfect.

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