Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Cult of Erinyes' recent album "Blessed Extinction"

Black Metal band from Belgium, Cult of Erinyes have recently released a new album through Code666 Records called Blessed Extinction.
Even though this band is sort of recent (formed in late 2009), they are really good. They seem to be really experienced with working together, as if they had been playing together for decades. They have also been quite active with their recordings, releasing something every year.
This new album, Blessed Extinction is really great. It has 8 tracks, all of them very full of power and aggressiveness. From times to times it is possible to hear a less angry bit, and it is possible to hear clean voices which match the whole thing really well. Sometimes even more experimental parts come, leading you into a really pleasant and at the same time sort of strange journey. It is incredible how a band with such a "short" career and discography sound so united and amazingly perfect.
So if you like a good dose of throaty and dragged voices with strong and furious blast beats and with fast and rhythmic guitar riffs, this is for you. Alternating with also a good dose of melody and suffering and clean melancholic voice, of course. It is really good, not very extraordinary it what comes to originality, but really good stuff, good Black Metal, good music, good musicians, good atmosphere, good influences, only goodness there. Don't miss it.

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