Monday, November 4, 2013

News: Drudkh

Ukrainian Black Metal band Drudkh will be releasing a vinyl split with British band Winterfylleth through Season of Mist. It will be called Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates and is scheduled to be released on the 17th of January (21st for North America).
Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates consists of four tracks, including cover songs recorded by both bands, paying tribute to their early influences.
The EP will also be released digitally. As for the CD format, a new compilation will also be available at the stores on January 17th/21st and it will be called Eastern Frontier in Flames including tracks from Thousands of Moons Ago, as well as the Anti-Urban and Slavonic Chronicles EPs, which have never been available separately on CD so far.

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