Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Winterblood's debut album "Herbstsehnsucht"

Few days ago arrived at Lachryma Christi's inbox this album called Herbstsehnsucht (which stands for "Yearning for Autumn" in English), from this German Black Metal called Winterblood.
The band was formed in 2007. So far they released a demo and a split with Endlos.
The album Herbstsehnsucht was released in May in self production, sounds a bit raw.
Well, this album is quite good, musically. Really dragged, sober, angry, furious, very emotional, melancholic too at parts, very inspiring.
The only not so good point is the production really. It's not terrible, but just not very good. But it's perfectly listenable anyway. And given the nature of the music, it is kinda suitable. Not trying to be nice or polite here, but there are so many bands always fighting for the "true" and perfect "rawness", and they never achieve it. Herbstsehnsucht sounds ok even with a less good production in fact.
If you listen to it a few times, it really gets into your mind and soul, it's quite an introspective work, really good.
The band describe themselves as "Avant-garde Black Metal combined with Opera Vocals". Lachryma Christi would say it is more Black Metal than anything else, quite heavy, quite suffered.
So the advice here is: give a chance to these guys, they deserve much more than a chance actually.

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