Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Galaktik Cancer Squad's upcoming album "Ghost Light"

Galaktik Cancer Squad is a one man band project from Germany, who will be releasing a new album called Ghost Light on the 21st of June through Hypnotic Dirge Records. 
In three words: Very very good. It's a very inspiring Progressive Black Metal album. Really really good elaborated, very powerful. When you think a song can't bring you more goodness, it does. And then even more. Honestly, great musician, great principles, great melodies, great songs in fact. 
Very melodic guitar riffs and solos, mixed with some progressiveness. Also great drums, great heavy metal influences on the rhythms at times.
What else to say? Really hard to express in words the emotions and strength that this album provokes. 
Very fast and dragging, mixed with this post rock melancholy and even sadness at some parts of some songs, fantastic!
Do a favor to yourselves and get this album. As soon as it comes out. Argwohn really knows how to play Black Metal, how to make it good and original and at the same time keeping their roots. Let's hope he keeps presenting us with such good stuff!

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