Tuesday, June 18, 2013

News: Lachryma Christi Expanded (with radio and everything!)

So after a weekend on holidays (which ended up being a very productive one for Lachryma Christi), here are the news:
From now on, you will be able to see on your right:
Link for Lachryma Christi Instagram page (has one pic only yet, but will have more!)
Link for Lachryma Christi Twitter page
Link for Lachryma Christi Facebook page
Link for Lachryma Christi Broadcast on Grooveshark.

This last one is quite important, as from now on, every Wednesday evening, from 11 pm to midnight (UK timezone. Lachryma Christi has so many visitors from all around the world, it is impossible to check all timezones, please check yours), Lachryma Christi will be broadcasting, meaning radio. It will be one hour of pure Black Metal, no adds or anything. It will happen through Grooveshark. When it is not broadcasting, you can always listen to the playlist on the right too, just near Facebook etc links. This playlist is already working and should be replaced from times to times.

So tomorrow (Wednesday), keep tuned, as the link will be posted here so you can listen to it live online. You don't need to be registered to listen to it, although you can chat to DJ and suggest songs if you are registered.

Next step will probably be start printing, but that will take a while. For now, enjoy the new stuff!

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