Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Throne of Malediction's latest album "Out of Darkness, Comes Light"

This review should have been done a long while ago. But it's not easy sometimes to manage all the releases that come into the inbox all the time. This is not a complain though!
For those who don't know, Throne of Malediction, they are a band from USA, and just released an album called Out of Darkness, Comes the Light.
So yeah, what to expect from this album? It has loads of different influences.
First track is maybe the heaviest one, very Black Metalish. There are other tracks on the same line, but this is probably the heaviest one in the whole album. 
The album has many female voices, as well as very melancholic parts and melodies.
Don't expect something very aggressive, it is actually very mild and relaxed, with lots of guitar riffs full of melodies.
There is not much to say really, you need to listen to it for yourself. It is so varied, that is not really easy to describe it in words, but it is quite pleasant and nice to hear. Kinda different from what Black Metal or Black Metal influenced bands usually bring.
There are line up changes to be announced soon.
You can also find an interview by Lachryma Christi with the band here:


Out of Darkness, Comes Light tracklist:

01. Shadow Mass 2:27
02. Without The Sun 6:17
03. A Burden of Ages 5:29
04. Not Meant for Me 5:10
05. Farther Down 5:49
06. Born of Innocence 6:43
07. In the Bleeding 5:23
08. Day of Lies 5:23
09. Everythings Going Cold 7:53
10. Dead Memories 5:47
11. The Soulforge 10:05
(Bonus Tracks)
12. What Will Never Be w/Vrangsinn (bonus track) 5:14
13. Syncretism VI w/Black Salvation (bonus track) 7:03

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