Thursday, June 20, 2013

News: Blodarv

Danish Black Metal band Blodarv are scheduled to release a 3-tape limited edition box set called Storms of the Past which features the Soulcollector album and the first two Blodarv demos Murder In The Name Of Satan and Mysteriis.  Storms of the Past will come in both a regular version, limited to 30 boxes, and a diehard leather edition limited to 15 units. The boxes will also include a booklet, patch, badge and poster which are only available with the sets, whilst the leather box will also include a sticker for the box, a Mysteriis and a Lang vaek fra livet sticker, and a large (23x10 cm) booklet  which will have 4 extra pages with handwritten lyrics for Soulcollector.  Storms of the Past will be released on Atramentum Productions on the 18th September, and will also be available to purchase direct from the band at where advance orders are currently being taken.

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