Thursday, June 20, 2013

News: Seth

French Black Metal band Seth are streaming their latest album The Howling Spirit that just came out, on the following websites:

Rock Tribune (Benelux)
Inferno Magazine (Finland)
VS-Webzine (France)
Legacy (Germany)
Metal Hammer (Greece)
Rock Hard (Italy)
Imhotep (Norway)
Metal Hammer (UK)

The Howling Spirit tracklist:

01. In Aching Agony
02. Killing My Eyes
03. One Ear to the Earth, One Eye on Heaven
04. Howling Prayers (Act I)
05. He Whose Heart Is Heavy with Sin
06. Ten Barrels (A Scourge for the World, a Plague for His Soul)
07. Scars Born from Bleeding Stars
08. Howling Prayers (Act II)
09. Mort-luisant
10. Dicing with Death

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