Tuesday, June 11, 2013

News: Saille's new video and Summerfests dates

Black Metal band from Belgium Saille just released a new video for the track Blood Libel, the opening track for the latest album of the band, called Ritu, released in the beginning of the year through Code666. 

Please, find a review for the same by Lachryma Christi here:


The video was directed by Nicolas Daenens and shot in the region known as "Meetjesland" in Belgium, both in the woods and in an abandoned church. It tells the story of William of Norwich, a young kid from the 12th century (°1132 - †1144) that was found murdered in cold blood.

Watch it here:

As for Summerfests, Saille will be playing the following ones:

- Antwerp Metal Fest (BE) - July 13th with Napalm Death
- Vlamrock (BE) - July 27th with Rotting Christ, Exhumed
- Metal Méan (BE) - August 17th with Dying Fetus, Marduk

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