Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review: From The Vastland's just released album "Kamarikan"

From the Vastland started as a one man project from this guy called Sina, from Iran. Kamarikan is the second album, and it just came out in Germany, Norway and Austria, on the 7th of June through Indie Recordings.
Sina has been quite brave and his music is just fantastic. From the Vastland is just one of the best bands that has ever passed by Lachryma Christi.
This is a very Norwegian Black Metal oriented album, everyone should listen to it, and go on facebook and drop a "like" on their page, Sina really deserves all the credit, attention and all the best regards. 
In one word: perfection.
Really kick ass album, really old school choices in every way, amazing voice, amazing riffs and bass lines, everything is so strong and potent, please check this out!
Sina does all the instrumental work as well as voices, and From the Vastland went to Inferno Metal Fest in Norway this year, having members of Den Saakaldte, Morbid Angel and 1349 as support musicians, which was a blast. The album was actually originally planned to be sold at the festival only, but the reception was so good, that it ended up being sold worldwide.
Honestly, get the album, and enjoy one of the masterpieces of Black Metal for 2013. Properly Black Metal stuff, really majestic, fast, angry, coherent, so good, there are also acoustic elements available, everything sounds so precious from first to last track, no words to describe!

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