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Interview with Nahar (FR)

Couple of months ago, Lachryma Christi had the pleasure of reviewing the latest album of Nahar, called The Strange Inconvenience, one of the strangest but at the same time very good albums that ever reached Lachryma Christi. 
You can actually read it here:
Sound is so intriguing and so fascinating at the same time, that an interview had to be done. Keep scrolling down so you read the words of S.V.H. from Nahar.

What is the meaning of Nahar?

Each period brings his new definition, actually I can translate it as Negative Abreaction caused by Hermetic and Abstruse Ruminations. But if you have another proposition I'm ok.

How did the band form?

Like thousand other bands, it's the meeting of different personalities and sensibilities.
For the last album, I worked with a talented rhythm section formed by two musicians involved in the scene since long time. Their talent makes that this record sounds good. It's a real change for me who was customer of a do it yourself practice.
I take advantage of this interview to specify that Nahar is not the side project of Sorghal. He was just a part of the pulse, just a devoted musician, but on no account the inspirator of the project. Sorry my friend, but your radiance seems to blind the idiots!

Your songs seem to be so suffered, what are your lyrics about?

Each lyrics is a kind of spittoon, written in few hours in a pure nihilistic French form, but finally translated in English. Because the message is definitely boundless and full of promises for the generations to come, it would have been indecent to deprive them of it.
Thanks for taking news, but actually I’m not depressed.

What are your influences musically? Your songs have a lot of different rhythms and styles, all very “painful” and really strong.

I'm a big music consumer and it's not a problem for me to pass from Atrax Morgue to Pink Floyd the next minute.
Currently I'm into Scott Walker, Hexvessel and Electric Wizard, but I don’t think these musicians influence a lot my music.
Nahar is a mix of old fashioned doom rock drugged with black metal. The result is quite psychoactive and I stay as far as possible away from gimmicks, privileging the intention than the form.

What have been your favorite musicians? Is there any band/artist you would like to share a stage with?

First, it will be difficult to us to play gigs. It’s a little difficult to translate our sound on stage.
We played two gigs in our short live performer career, and each time it's very frustrating to go on stage after a ten minutes sound check and thousand kilometers in the legs. It’s not only rock ’n’ roll. We need a dedicated sound engineer and additional musicians to take care of the details which haunt our songs. And actually I lost my faith... maybe later. But split the bill with Aluk Todolo, or another outsider, could be pretty good.

How has been the reaction of the public to The Strange Inconvenience?

Good, in general.

Why The Strange Inconvenience? What is that inconvenience you refer to?

Have you ever taken a drop of acid? The strange inconvenience is the flash back effect caused by, it's written in your brain, and I can tell you that is a strange inconvenience.

What are you planning to do next, after promoting your album? What can your fans expect for a near future?

Currently I'm working on new material with a different line up from the last album and I'm really excited by this collaboration. We don’t have deadline, but our goal is to work fast and instinctively. Maybe there will be a new album next year.

Anything you would like to add or advertise here?

Thanks for your attention. Smoke weed and worship Satan.

Latest album:

The Strange Inconvenience (2013)

Line up:

Shaddar.V.H - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Sorghal - Vocals

You can find more information and music of Nahar in:

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