Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Moonspell @ The Underworld, London, UK, on the 23rd of April 2013

Even though many of you say Moonspell is not Black Metal, and even though they are usually labeled by magazines etc as Gothic Black Metal, it is undeniable that the Portuguese band released some Black Metal works and still have huge Black Metal influences. Thus, Lachryma Christi couldn't leave them behind and let them play in London without seeing them and reviewing the gig. Again, no pictures available (and again, if you took any, and if you want to see them published here, just e-mail
It was a sold out show, there was a Finnish band playing as special guests. This band is called Insomnium, which are usually labeled as Melodic Death Metal but there is a great Goth influence there. It was the first time Lachryma Christi saw them or ever heard them at all, and it was a great gig. There were lots of fans of them as well, and everyone seemed very pleased with the gig from the beginning until the end. Very nice music, catchy songs, good tuned performance, really nice band and a good choice as special guests.
About Moonspell, Lachryma Christi has seen them countless times in the past. Bad gigs, good gigs, so so gigs... And at the Underworld it was maybe the best one so far. It was quite long, there was a huge complicity between the musicians and the public, and it was amazing to see how many Portuguese people were there, it was a very emotional gig. The singer Fernando Ribeiro at some point spoke of the crysis and fearful situation not only in Portugal but also in all Europe, just before the band played a song that very well mirrors all that, called Em Nome do Medo.
Moonspell managed to present us with not only songs from their latest albums, but also with old stuff, from their heaviest and darkest phases. They also played some unexpected tunes such as Ataegina, which made everyone jump and sing along. There was also time for songs from their so acclaimed Goth era and albums. In short, that was a gig for every taste, impossible to go there and to go home unsatisfied.
All hits were played and everyone was happy, despite of some technical problems with one of the guitars at times.
There was a bit of mosh and punch, which is natural, some crowdsurf too, endind up with the roadies pushing hysterical fans from the stage back to the crowd.
In the end the band was terribly tired, but they still did the so desired encore and were still for a bit longer on stage to salute their fans and shake hands with everyone.
A night to remember.

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