Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lachryma Christi celebrates first birthday! See top ten articles.

Lachryma Christi is exactly one year old. Along this year, this webzine, dedicated to Black Metal and matters related to Black Metal, had over 18300 visitors from all over the world, so far.
Lachryma Christi has done interviews with many bands from all over the world too, as well as reviews to gigs, albums, EP's and even a book, always working to promote and share the work of musicians, artists and others, always related to Black Metal in a way or another.
The support from readers, from bands, promoters, labels and from friends has been just great, there are no words to express how much all of you have helped putting this project up. A big thank you!

Below you can see the most ten visited articles on Lachryma Christi so far. Enjoy, and keep reading!

  1 - Interview with Endstille (GER)
  2 - Interview with Mysticum (NOR)
  3 - Top Ten Black Metal albums for 2012
  4 - The book "Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult" by Dayal Patterson
  5 - Interview with Tsjuder (NOR)
  6 - Review: Blutmond's new album "Revolution is Dead!"
  7 - Interview with Blacklodge (FRA)
  8 - Interview with Upon Shadows (URY)
  9 - Review: THAW's debut album "THAW"
10 - Review to Saille's new album "Ritu"

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