Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Arckanum's upcoming album "Fenris Kindir"

Swedish Black Metal band Arckanum will be releasing a new album called Fenris Kindir on the 10th of May (14th of May in US), through Season of Mist.
As the title of the album reveals, Fenris Kindir is dedicated to Fenrir, the giant wolf who breaks free from his chains and swallows the sun and the moon, in the end of days, when the old Norse gods engage in final battle with the giants, and when Mankind will burn in fire and all land drowns in the oceans.
This is an epic album, a must have.
The album has 10 tracks, all of them very powerful. The intro is quite short and quite atmospheric. If you read the small description above about what the album is about you will understand the noises and the windy sounds on the intro. 
This is such a good work, very theatrical, very strong and inspiring. Quite heavy and even rocky at times. You can also notice Death Metal influences, as well as 80's and 90's Black Metal similarities, as on previous releases, if you are a connaisseur of Arckanum work; but in Fenris Kindir the proper Black Metal itself is more evidenced, more direct and raw. 
There are amazing riffs that will pop up into your brain later after you switched it off, the drums are simply awesome, very very powerful and full. And bass is also very audible, which is not that common. The sound quality is so good you can really distinguish every little detail of every instrument.
There are also howls and growls, Fenrir's howls and growls presumably. 
Seriously, 5 days to come. Just get it!

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