Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Hate Meditation's upcoming album "Scars"

American Black Metal band Hate Meditation is about to release their first album called Scars on the 27th of May through Indie Recordings.
Hate Meditation formed in 2003. Ten years later here they are to show us a very good work. Despite the muffled production and sound, the music is really good. Really old school Black Metal, very icy, aggressive, strong, imposing and majestic. Reminds a bit of Mayhem in the riffs and even in the melodies, but has keyboards, which gives more ambiance to the songs. In fact, if you close your eyes you can think it reminds you of "something", as it kinda sounds similar to a band you know, you just can't tell which band is that. The album sounds so familiar, everything is so welcome to our ears, and so perfect, that it is almost as if we know it already, hence the familiarity.
The last two tracks are maybe the most melodic ones, Scars and Shadow World (outro).
It is a good album, very strong, just the production could be a bit brighter, to make things a bit more clear. Apart from that, as said before, there is nothing negative to point out, really. The musicians seem to be very organized in their compositions, very assured, very confident, voice is also really good and really matching everything else, really nothing wrong to point here. A week away from another amazing release coming out, it's worth the wait. Everyone should listen to Scars.

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