Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Endstille @ Electrowerkz, London, UK on the 13th of April

Again, before you start scrolling down, there are no pictures of this gig. Lachryma Christi has been failing taking pictures, hopefully this situation will be sorted out soon. Apologies for that.
So, about the gig, Lachryma Christi managed to see Decrepid, Verdelet, De Profundis, Eastern Front and obviously Endstille. Sadly, Decrepid and De Profundis seemed to be a bit wrongly included on the bill. Both are amazing bands, but both seemed to be out of place. Decrepid were really cool (they are playing tomorrow in London at the Boston Music Room, by the way), but too Death Metal, not matching properly the majority of bands. De Profundis were also very good, they really are a good band, but as Decrepid, they seemed to be a bit in the wrong place. And sadly the sound was a bit too high pitched and loud while they were playing, which didn't help their performance.
Eastern Front was one of the weirdest gigs ever. It was the first time Lachryma Christi was seeing them, and it was odd. Odd performance (of all members), odd presence, odd music, odd everything. Still, Lachryma Christi is open to see another gig and see how it goes.
Verdelet performed one of the best Black Metal gigs ever. Music is really good, they are really tuned, really united, really cohesive. Every musician played their role in perfect manners, even though there were apparently problems with stage sound (for every band). Vocals is just perfect to the music the band plays and let's hope they play many more times!
Endstille was massive, aggressive as it should be, fast and furious, War Black Metal at it's best. Again, besides some stage sound problems, they were just great, public was quite cheerful and there was a lot of mosh even ending in accidental violence, as a girl was punched and there was a bit of blood everywhere, but nothing very serious. It was the second time Lachryma Christi saw Endstille live and again, they always play their stuff with a huge motivation which is really contagious and it gets really easy to get into the mood and be part of it. There was a bit of a weird vibe all night, but Endstille managed to help dissipating that and all the memories from their gig are good.
If any of you readers was there and has pictures to share, feel free to e-mail
Thank you.

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