Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Forgotten Tomb @ The Garage (Upstairs) in London, UK, on the 6th of May

Lachryma Christi went to see Forgotten Tomb at The Garage in London (brought to us by Funeral of Mankind), almost one month ago, on the 6th of May. Apologies for publishing this review so late and once again without photos.
It wasn't a proper Black Metal gig, but a Black/Doom Metal gig, even though the bands who played before Forgotten Tomb were all more Doom than Black.
It was a sold out gig. Place is not big but was quite breathable in there, compared to so many unnamed venues in London.
The evening started with a band called Isole from Sweden, who played a very decent Doom Metal. The intro for the gig was the beginning of Vampire Hunters (by Anton Coppola, originally used as part of the soundtrack of Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992) which was already a very good warm up. The band sings mostly with clean voices, with three of the members doing vocals, even though some of them were hardly audible at times, sadly. Proper traditional doom metal musically speaking, nothing too new, but good gig, good atmosphere.
Then it was the turn of Ereb Altor also from Sweden, who presented us with a kind of Viking Metal, very barbaric thing, with some sort of corpse paint. Very good gig, just one bad thing to point out: the backing track voices. Ok, it is impossible for them to sing as a choir as it would probably require more people to sing all those voices, but it is a bit disappointing to hear those voices in backing track. Apart from that it was very good, the band seems to bee quite cheerful and the public was very enthusiastic about them. The influence of Bathory was quite evident, and ending their performance with a cover of Twilight of the Gods was something extraordinary.
After these two amazing acts, it's time for the Headliners Forgotten Tomb from Italy, who are so famous for their suicidal Black Metal thing. It was a very good gig, and to Lachryma Christi it had nothing of suicidal, was actually a very uplifting gig. If you know their work and if you like them on CD, you would have loved this gig, as it was so loyal to the studio sound but much more stimulating. The band is quite interactive with the public, they really know how to move a crowd. Even the saddest and melancholic tracks and parts of tracks became really beautiful on that night, really surprising. One of the best and more emotional gigs Lachryma Christi has been recently. Do a favor to yourselves and go to see Forgotten Live, please. You will never regret.

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