Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Vreid's upcoming album "Welcome Farewell"

So Vreid. After V, Norwegian Black Metal band Vreid will now release a new album called Welcome Farewell through Indie Recordings. It should be out on the 22nd of February in Norway, Germany and Austria and on the 26th of February worldwide.
Vreid always brought us a very special Black Metal. A Black Metal mixed with a rock & roll. This album is no different in what comes to influences. But much better than any of the others. Welcome Farewell is for Lachryma Christi the best album Vreid has ever released. There is all the Black Metal thing, all the influences, amazing apropriate vocals, ambient; and there is also all the rock & roll thing, very rhythmic and heavy. But this time it also has a huge amount of feelings in there. This is a very strong and touching album, very hard not to like it. Very hard not to love it in fact. It almost seems that the band is in a more melodic phase, with a more harmonic attitude. 
Welcome Farewell is full of powerful and euphonic guitar riffs and heavy and flowing drums arrangements. Every song is as pleasant and majestic as the previous one and once you start listening to it, you will feel like you can't stop, ending up listening to all the songs.
Will probably be in the top 10 Black Metal albums 2013 for Lachryma Christi. 
For first time it is hard to tell which ones are the most remarkable tracks for Lachryma Christi as all them are so amazingly good. The whole thing is very perfect.
Artwork cover is half ghostly half devilish but very good looking, as you can see for yourselves. Artist is Kim Holm, cartoonist from norway who has previously done the cover for Solstafir's Svartir Sandar, and various local bands. Welcome Farewell cover includes an image for each song, and portraits of the band originally drawn live under concerts.
Kim Holm regularly draws sketches live during extreme metal concerts, and has gotten a chance to draw personal favorites such as Taake, Enslaved, Entombed, 1349, Urfaust, and Rotting Christ. 
All his live metal art can be downloaded for free use, both personal use and commercial use, or bought on the following website:

Vreid will start an European tour in April, so keep an eye out, they are also very powerful and engaging live, so it's always worth seeing them. 

Welcome Farewell tracklist:

01. The Ramble
02. Way Of The Serpent
03. The Devils Hand
04. Welcome Farewell
05. The Reap
06. Sights of Old
07. Black Waves
08. At The Brook

Bonus Track*
09. Fossil

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