Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Ov Hollowness upcoming album "The World Ends"

Ov Hollowness, Atmospheric Black Metal one man band from Canada will release a new album in March 2013 through Aural Music which will be called The World Ends, containing ten tracks.
If you already know the work of Mark R. from the previous releases of Ov Hollowness, you know what to expect as in fact there are big similarities in this new album.
So, what to say? Well, The World Ends is a bit more heavy and dragged and actually angry than the previous releases.
This is a very special album, as all albums of Ov Hollowness are as they have the ability to make skin crawl with so much emotion. However, even if The World Ends is heavier and obviously more into the traditional Black Metal wave, it still keeps all the melancholy and melody and passion that are always present in Ov Holowness music.
All tracks seem to have an equilibrium, the choice of which comes first and which comes next couldn't be better. Very close to perfection.
For Lachryma Christi the most remarkable track is possibly the 8th track called Hollow. So very melodic and heavy and unexpected, if it can be put that way. 
In all tracks voice is amazingly direct, strong, with perfect utterance. Clean voices also can be heard and they fit in well even if they are not absolutely necessary.
This has been one of the most expected albums for Lachryma Christi and all that can be said to summarize it is: very good, will probably figure in the top 10 for 2013. 
You may think it is a risk to say this so early, as there are so many good albums awaiting to be released in 2013, but well, The World Ends will come out in less than two months time, and by then everyone will be able to hear the masterpiece.
So if you like a good dose of emotion, strength, melancholy, powerful melodies, you will not be disappointed. This is actually a good example of how Atmospheric Black Metal can be really engaging never losing any of the essential ingredients inherent to both atmosphere and black metal as concepts. 

The World Ends tracklist:

I. Abstraction
II. Grey
III. Hoarfrost
IV. An End
V. Ov
VI. The World Ends
VII. Lost Resolve
VIII. Hollow
IX. End in View
X. Outro

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