Friday, February 8, 2013

News: Blodarv

Danish Black Metal band Blodarv just released a DVD. As it is self financed, it is in format DVD-r.
DVD is called A Doorway Between Worlds Chapter 1, and contains videos for tracks from Blodarv’s albums Soulcollector, Linaria Amlech, Civitas Diaboli and the recently released Gâst, as well as a live recording from their show at Club Brutal, in Aarhus Denmark, filmed in December 2012. 
The DVD will be available exclusively through the band’s webshop on the following link:

Videos featured on the DVD: 
01. A Snowy Night In November (Music Video)
02. I Blaek Og Blod (Music Video)
03. Blood red Rocks (Live Video)
04. Empty Fucking Life (Music Video)
05. Civitas Diaboli (Music Video)
06. Heksen Nitiria Amlech (Musik Video)
07. Those Who Speaks In Minds (Slide W Live Pics)
08. Langt Vaek Fra Livet (Slide W Live Pics)

A Doorway Between Worlds Chapter 1 is compatible to DVD player and PC, and is limited to 666 hand numbered copies.

Please find an interview of Lachryma Christi with Blodarv on:

And a review to the album Gâst on:

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