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Interview with Blodarv (DK)

By the end of 2012 Black Metal band from Denmark Blodarv released a new album called Gâst, which became part of the Top Ten Black Metal Albums for Lachryma Christi for 2012. That's the reason why it is time to proudly share with you an interview with Hugin, the main member of this band. You can also read Lachryma Christi's review to Gâst on http://lachrymachristizine.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/review-blodarvs-new-album-gast.html

What does Blodarv mean? Should be Blod as Danish for "blood" and Arv as Danish for "legacy". What is the main idea behind this?

It refers to the “blood-inherited abilities” of being able to see beyond life and this world’s borders and open up doors between them. The power of being able to feel, see, and hear things is only bestowed on the few, and is both a blessing and a curse.

How did the band start? Sources say that the band exists since 1994, is that true?

Well some of the tracks and lyrics from the earliest BLODARV demos were actually composed during the period from 1994 to 1998 side by side with the other Black Metal bands I played in at that time, such as MISANTHROPIA, ARANRÙTH, etc. These tracks and lyrics comprised material that didn’t fit in with these bands, so they were put aside for a later solo project, which was given the name of BLODARV in 1998. The first BLODARV demo “Murder In The Name Of Satan” was recorded during 1998/9 and released in 1999, and the 2nd demo “Mysteriis” came right after in 2000 and both contained many of the riffs and lyrics which I had composed in the period from 94’ to 98’. But still most of the material from those 2 Demos dates from 1998 - 2000.

What is the main concept behind the lyrics? What is it that you want to transmit to the ones who listen to your music?

The Lyrics of BLODARV explore death, micro and macro cosmos, the forces of nature, the power of the universe and all the energies that cling to it. It is hateful blasphemous poetry filled with dark visions, possessive muses, and soul-seeking demons and it allows the listener to get a glimpse into the dark universe of BLODARV in which we lead the listeners through a world filled with powerful demons, haunted and haunting souls, tragic destinies and chilling dreams.

The lyrics and the music speaks for themselves, both have many layers, and many stories to tell. How the listeners experience this journey and what they take with them depends on the individual, and is not something we can, or will, control. There isn’t one “true” way to experience, feel or understand the music. The tracks have their own life now and what people take with them after hearing it will be for them to answer, but hopefully they will have been on a unique journey into their own mind through the dark universe of BLODARV.

What are your favorite artists?

Hmm.. As a few examples I could name Fenriz of Darkthrone, Erik of Watain, and King D of Merciful Fate.

How was it to work with Nocturnal Depression, Grimlair, Black Hate and Acedi in the split Shadows of Tragedy? How did the idea of this split come up?

The idea came from B. G. Blackhate, who wanted to gather a strong compilation of some of the bands on Self Mutilation Services, and contacted me a month after we finished the "Civitas Diaboli” album to hear if we would be interested in doing a 5-band split album and release it through the label. At that time we already had the track “Sharpstone Mountain” recorded, and “I Hulernes Rige” was on the drawing board so we accepted and used those tracks for the split CD that was released under the name of “Shadows Of tragedy”.

We didn't really work much with the other bands, we just recorded our tracks, and shipped them to B.G. Blackhate who did all the liaison between the participating bands and S.M.S.

Since your most recent album Gâst just came out, have you had the time to understand reactions of public?  hat do you think of those?

Actually we have only gotten positive reactions so far, so that’s all good I think.

What does Gâst mean?

In the island dialect of Bornholmsk (Burgundian) “Gâst” – is a type of a ghost demon or energy with the ability to possess mortals and inspire them in much the same way as a muse, with visions, stories, smells, sounds, emotions and pictures.

Do you follow any religious path?

No, the only time religion plays an active role in BLODARV is when I blaspheme and speak against it. Energies, powers & wisdom play a role. The power of the soul and the mind play a role. Connecting with, and seeking insight into these powers, life and death itself, and many other things play a role, but I don’t believe in any of the established religions of today, in fact, I despise them. I am a curious soul with a hunger for wisdom; I hail my old ancestors and my Blood-inherited abilities to see beyond life and this world’s borders. To be able to feel, see, and hear things that only a few can. I have my own moral standards and ethics, and my own view upon life, death and existence. I’ve build them on knowledge, insight, visions, and own experiences, plus those of my respected ancestors. I don’t believe in so called Gods, in the sense in  which Gods are defined by humanity today, but I believe in energies and the powers of the universe. In the creative force of the Nebulas and earth’s nature, of the human-mind, the great Cosmos, and the dark matter that surrounds us with its all time presence. I use forces, powers, and energies (as they use me) that Christians have given the name “Satan” and which have had many other names before the Christians gave it the ONE name which now all use. But it’s a power that was here way before Religion and Christianity was even a thought.

What are your plans in a near future regarding playing live? Would you like to advertise any gig in here? By the pictures you have in your facebook profile, your gigs seem to be very intense... Can you tell us a bit about them?

They are a dark rituals permeated with powerful Demons and strong energies from the moment we go on stage and it becomes a doorway between worlds. It is very hard to explain, and actually it should rather be experienced than explained, but I can say you will never find any half-hearted BLODARV performances - we always give 100 % on stage! If you would like to check out our latest show you can find a video - recording (fan-filmed) of our latest ceremony, which was at Club Brutal in Aarhus, Denmark at 

As for future plans concerning gigs, I can’t reveal/announce anything right now, but surely we will be out there in 2013. The best I can do is to advice people to keep updated with our official sites, where any upcoming shows will be published.

Any last message you would like to leave to Blodarv followers and Black Metal followers in general?

Our own fans/followers know how much we appreciate them and their support, but still here goes a hail out to them! To the others I would say go get the new “Gâst” from the Blodarv store if you haven’t gotten it already. Keep an eye open for upcoming video-releases on our YouTube channel & Visit our official sites below where you can keep updated on future shows and other news from the band! HAILS ETERNAL!future shows and other news from t

(All photos are courtesy of Blodarv)

Line up:

HUGIN : Vocals, Lyrics, Composal,2nd Guitars, Bass, Keys, 
SATINAE MA: Female Vocals 
PESTILENS : Lead guitar
HUUL : Bass (Live-session member)

Latest release:

"Gâst" (2012)

You can find more information and music of Blodarv on:

BLODARV Store: www.blodarvshop.bigcartel.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/blodarvofficial
Myspace: www.myspace.com/blodarv
Youtube: www.youtube.com/huginofblodarv
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/blodarv
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/blodarv
Twitter: www.twitter.com/blodarv

Management: www.patriciathomasmanagement.com
Label: SELF MUTILATION SERVICES: www.selfmutilationservices.com
For Interviews & booking, contact
BLODARV: stafahugin@hotmail.com
Or PATRICIA THOMAS BAND MANAGEMENT: patriciathomas@btinternet.com

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