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Interview with VON (USA)

As mostly of you may know, after a long pause American Black Metal band VON are back and with a full length called Satanic Blood and the follow up Dark Gods is already on the way! Satanic Blood is a very powerful album though (a review should be available soon) and artwork is just amazing. Lachryma Christi had the pleasure of interviewing VENIEN!!! Let's read!

Why VON as a name? What exactly does it mean?

It was chosen long ago during a time when the founding members names were simply VON, VENNT and VENIEN!!!. VON name and title was too big for Shawn to carry in the end and he became the Goat and the band was simply VON. It had no internal meaning and meant nothing in the early times, but it means much for myself as it grew into the MONSTER it has become through its conception.  It truly represents that which once was and never was, and in the same breath of hope comes a darkness and dread that is woven directly into it all. Simply, it is not the name that is important, but the concept and representation that slithers behind and underneath it,that is what matters in the end. I have been presented with many things this work has done for others and it pleases me to report. It is all different across the spectrum and that is what is important to know, in the context of the name VON and what it means and stands for in the end.

Not wanting to squeeze any story from 20 years ago, what made you start again after such a long "pause"?

It was meant to be through various events in the past years, and is now underway and being executed as we speak

There have been many line up changes and many artists involved with VON, can you tell us a bit about that?

The vessels that have been used for the MONSTER that is VON, have either sustained themselves or they have expire as its rightful vessel to be explored, either way it is all up to the worth, competence and resiliency of that particular vessel. I however must persevere through the chains and boundaries that attempt to poison, engage, and restrain me from my final plan.

How does it feel to have finally a full length after so many years?

I am ultimately comfortable, content, and pleased with the results and outcome.

Where did the inspiration come from for all the amazing artwork for the new album Satanic Blood? What about musically and lyrically, is there any special concept behind it?

The inked manifestations are from the songs and the songs lead to the inked manifestations! It all works within its own constructs of what each mean to each other. I feel those manifestations, those illustrations are reflections of the ideas,thoughts, and sometimes manipulated psychosis within my own darkness at times, other times its just something to represent a thought.

How does the composing process work for VON? What comes first?

It comes from an inner voice that tells me to do these things deep within, and itstarts there.  It goes to ink either musically or artistically within an illustration or a song, there are patterns for sure but which ones come before the other all depends on my inner self and what it leads me to do.

What are your lyrics about? Where do you get the inspiration for that?

Satanic Blood lyrics were written by Goat years ago, the Dark Gods lyrics are written by myself (VENIEN!!!) and that is the essential ORIGIN of the words. The darkness within the music that Goat and myself (VENIEN!!!) created within Satanic Blood has been intertwined within the larger story of Dark Gods as well but is within itself.  Dark Gods is the larger story from the beginning and more so the path to the present and the future of VON.  The contents of the story will be revealed within art, illustrations, words, and finally music, that will open the doors for you to come in once again.

What have been your favorite artists along the years? Do you consider them the ones that have inspired you the most? 

I am inspired by simple living, music endeavors are but a reflection of the inners of a cold dark place within, that which needs to be released from time to time. A sweet comfort of dark anger, twisted despair, or what I have felt is a case of tragic hope comes in doses when I hear things outside of my own music. Genres that catch me in the downward spiral are not specific and there are too many to list for those instances that have left me questioning everything and anything. Looking within is truly my inspiration and life and the things outside us are also relevant to me, music is not always a dictating factor for inspiration for these works, but sometimes simply a tool to deliver these messages from another place.

How has the promotion for Satanic Blood been with touring and everything? Is it as you were expecting? Any European dates in the next future? Or any gigs you would like to advertise in here at all?

Satanic Blood was finally brought to the forefront as a proper album/cd release and then the stage.  In LA and NYC, VON showcased the music that was and also music that is to come in conjunction with a few pieces from that body of work. Dark Gods and other pieces were incorporated and more that will soon be revealed again in the next ritual.  The Ritual of The Black Mass will once again return and it has been set for summer of 2013 within the confines of Europe. Visit for more details.

What are your next plans? What's in store for VON in the near future?


Any last thing you would like to say to your followers?


(All photos are courtesy of VENIEN!!!)

Line up:

VENIEN!!! (Vocals/Bass)
Lord Giblete (Lead Guitar)
Dirty FvKn! Pistols (Drums)
HangMan (Guitars)

Latest release:

Satanic Blood (2012)

You can find more information and music of VON on:

Special thanks to Dayal Patterson 

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