Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Situs Magus new album "Le Grande Oeuvre"

French Black Metal band Situs Magus released recently their debut album called Le Grande Oeuvre, through Avantgarde Music.
Le Grande Oeuvre is made of  4 acts , starting with an introduction and also the shortest track in the album with less than two minutes. All the other songs are longer than nine minutes.
All album is very symbolic and complex, from the artwork cover to the compositions. So, if you really want to understand it and even like it, you will have to open your spirit to this. Don't expect a light and simple work, because it is not.
Musically it is very strong, even majestic and requires a lot of your attention. 
If you are a fan or follower of the trendy wave of religious Black Metal that has been around especially by bands from France, you will certainly like this album. It is very introspective and full of details. It is also very captivating.
The influences of Deathspell Omega are very notorious though, but don't take this as a negative point, because they keep their originality anyway. 
This kind of sound is getting more and more popular nowadays but sometimes it is necessary to realize when a band is good or bad, and Situs Magus are good, even if this is their first album.
Keep an eye on them and if you are available to listen to something very heavy, powerful, depressive, dragged (and also dragging!), massive, furious, go for it. 

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