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Interview with Acrimonious (GR)

Tonight Lachryma Christi has for you an interview with Greek band Acrimonious. For those who do not know, Acrimonious released by the end of 2012 their second album called Sunyata through Agonia Records.
This is a very special band, since there is a great mythic concept behind it.
ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis and Cain Letifer both took part on this interesting interview.

Your facebook page says you play Typhonian Black Metal. What do you mean by that? Is it related to the Typhonian Order?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: The term is obviously foremost drawn from the dragon Typhon mentioned among the ancient Greek myths. It more or less represents the same aspects of the Draconian archetype (the super-cosmic and meta-dimensional source of All) which is scattered throughout the world and history and it symbolically stands for the nameless and boundless Power from which our art is drawn. Concerning  the Typhonian Order, we can simply just say that we have been influenced by the works of authors and magicians that have been connected to this current (such as K. Grant, Nema, L. Falorio and others), in first hand personally and then indirectly also within the art of Acrimonious. But for reasons that are not important to discuss here, we wish not to claim fraternity to any specific order or organisation among our members.

Can you tell a bit about the story of the band? Why Acrimonious as a name?

Cain Letifer: It stands for the Advarsary, meaning that it embodies the flame of Samael within our Minds. It stands for Wisdom, hardship, trial and error, and Victory via going inwards and backwards.

There have been a few changes on the lineup. Can you tell a bit about them?

Cain Letifer: Plenty of them. Now the band consists of me, Ra’ad al-Iblis (that used to be in a band called Morbid Insulter and Matricide, among others), Semjaza 218 from Thy Darkened Shade (among others), Akhkhar that used to play the base for Acherontas, and C.Docre that is the new drummer, who also played the drums on “Sunyata”.

What are your lyrics about? Is there a main concept in the band?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: The lyrics are prayers and chains of holy symbols made to carve the aether with transformative fire. They are formulas of invocations and evocations, mystical prophecy or lisan al-ghaib (The Voice from the Outer World) as the sufi would call it, connecting the above with the below. The main concept of the band is CHAOS.

How has the reaction of the public been to your latest album Sunyata? Are you happy with it?

Cain Letifer: We don’t know and ultimately do not care what others think about our music.

What have been your biggest influences along your career? What are your favourite artists?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: Guess we talk about musical influences there. Although we all consume and are inspired by and hold dear many other forms of art and various other genres in the world of music, I can just say that when it comes to metal-music there are too many to mention. The list stretches from swart bowels of Black Sabbath to the twisted hellhole of Sarc√≥fago, from the necrotic brilliance of Mayhem to the epic yet razor sharp force of Judas Priest.

Any artist in particular you would like to work with? Why?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: Can’t really think of anyone specific for the moment. But anyone who deeply shares our interests and cause and has something of value to offer Acrimonious is a fitting individual.

Cain Letifer: There are a few individuals that we could potentially work with, because of utmost respect for their work…but this has nothing to do with black metal necessarily, as we respect many artists that I am sure have not even heard of Metal at all. Yet carry that flame within, that connects them to our Art.

As you just released your new album, Sunyata, what is your plan for the next future?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: To once again start to perform live and to spread the thoughtless Word ever further across and beyond this world.

Any last message you would like to leave to your followers?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: Thanks for the interview.

Burn new paths into the realms of the intellect and listen to the voice that speaks without tongue. Die before death and live before life. Become: One and None.

Cain Letifer: Thanks! 

Line up:

Qain Letifer: Scythe of Hecatean Toad-Boans and Black Earth Messenger, Dervishi Madness and Typhonian Sorcery
ar-Ra'ad al-Iblis - Thunder-tongue of Sabbatic Madness & Edomian Prophecy
Semjaza 218: Avatars of Tubal Qayin, Qliphotic Nigromancy, Necronian Tempel of Infernal Blood
Akhkhar- Tablets of Qliphotic Geometry, Black Sun Darkness
C.Docre- Chains of Harybdis, Double-Wands of Power

Last release:

Sunyata (2012)

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