Thursday, January 3, 2013

News: Bornholm

Hungarian Black Metal band Bornholm will be releasing a new album on the 25th of January called Inexorable Defiance through NoiseArt Records and the track Walk On Pagan Ways is already available on NoiseArt Records Soundcloud page on the following link:

Inexorable Defiance tracklist:

01. Fear of Wonders 
02. Swordbearer 
03. Flaming Pride and Inexorable Defiance 
04. Walk on Pagan Ways 
05. Archai Pale Visions 
06. Throne of Crows 
07. Moonlight Wanderer 
08. Equinox 
09. The Spiral Path 
10. Fiery Golden Dawn 
11. Towards the Golden Halls 

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