Monday, January 14, 2013

Interview with Imperial Triumphant (USA) plus short review to their latest release "Abominamentvm"

In this snowy, white and freezing night Lachryma Christi wants to present you an interview with a band from USA (more precisely from New York City), Imperial Triumphant, who recently released their first album called Abominamentvm. Lachryma Christi had the pleasure to make a few questions to Ilya, guitars and vocals in the band. Let's see what he has to say and in the end you may find a short review to the album as well.

There's not much of a biography of Imperial triumphant on your websites, could you tell us a bit of the story of the band?

Imperial Triumphant began as a teenage project. However we were more into sending goats heads to people and pissing on churches than writing intelligent music. After a bit of a hiatus we reorganized under a new mentality. We are now  a collective of like-minded NYC musicians. I simply curate the offerings. We are always open to collaboration and incorporating other artists. 

How did the name Imperial Triumphant come up?

Slayer was taken.

What are your biggest influences regarding your music and also lyrics?

Stravinsky, The Residents, Scott Walker, Shostakovich, Gorguts, Penderecki and of course Deathspell Omega.

How do you see the metal scene in USA? Looks like in the last few years there are a few very good Black Metal bands from USA.

The metal scene in the USA is what it is.

How was it to make the video for the song Stormgod? How was the experience? Are you happy with the outcome?

Shooting Stormgod was very cold and very exciting. The main actress recently died, which is tragic and weird. We have plans to shoot a new video in 2013. It will be more creative and unique than Stormgod.  However, I'm very glad with the outcome of the video. I feel that every black metal band has a ridiculous youth stage.  

Your debut album that just came out in the end of 2012, Abominamentvm, is a bit different from the previous works. This album seems to be less melodic, more confusing. Why did this change happen? 

While attending music school I realized that metal can't go any faster. The future lies in dissonance. Just like classical music, metal has been and will continue to get more technical and grotesque. This is especially concerning to black metal where the atmosphere is everything. Abominamentvm is latin for abomination.  We strove to create the most claustrophobic, unresolved and discordant atmosphere. This music should be challenging on a certain level.  

Are you happy with the feedback from the public to the new album?

Generally yes I am happy. Reviews will always be just someone's opinion but they have been favorable. I don't expect everyone to love this album.  

What about live gigs? Is there any gig you would like to advertise in here?

In fact we are playing with Krallice and Sacristy on March 2nd at the Acheron. We're looking forward to this day.

What are your plans for a near future? What can we expect?

We're planning to record an EP in February. Our style has only gotten 'worse', you could say.


Ilya - Vocals and Guitars
Malave - Bass
Cohen - Drums

Latest release:


What can we say about this release? Well, to start with, it's not a cliché traditional Black Metal work. It's even a bit different from what the band has been doing so far, although different doesn't always mean bad. This is one of those cases where different is just different, as the band changed a bit their style. Abominamentvm is a bit more depressive and noisy and even confusing than a common Black Metal album.  Noisy to the detail, not noisy as annoying. Maybe for Lachryma Christi the most remarkable tracks are Scaphism and S.P.Q.R. Scaphism it's like an interludium which starts with the sound of a fly and some creepy keys as in a piano nearly out of tune or actually a bit out of tune. At some point there is not only one fly but thousands of flies and we can almost smell the rottenness in there. Suddenly it just turns into S.P.Q.R., with all the aggressiveness and fullness, so perfect! Check out Imperial Triumphant and their work. It's worth it. And for now, all we can do is keep our anxiety and curiosity about the EP which should come out next month!

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