Sunday, January 6, 2013

News: Documentary about Black Metal!

Yesterday, thanks to Hecate Enthroned band who were sharing this link, Lachryma Christi came across a very good documentary about Post Black Metal.
It is an Hungarian documentary titled Attention! Black Metal! by Miklós Ruszák - producer director (who is also a sociologist and musician) and Elvira Dobos - art consultant (who is also an Aesthete, litterateur, business coach, musician). There is an English version on the website as well.
As authors say on the official website: "The documentary called Attention! Black Metal! examines the symphonic and melodic „post black metal” that is complemented with more attributes and spreaded out from the origin roots."
It proved to be a very interesting and enriching documentary and it counts with the testimonies of characters like:
Sakis - Rotting Christ
Michael Miron Chirva - Tvangeste
Clements "Ardek" Wijers - Carach Angren
Fernando Ribeiro & Mike Gaspar - Moonspell
Dorina Dobos - Athalay
Byron Roberst - Bal-Sagoth
Bishop of Hexen
Nigel & Dylan - Hecate Enthroned

There are also experts such as Attila Gyulai - politologist  and Tove Skarstein - Norway Ambassador to Hungary, and others.

It really has to be watched, so Lachryma Christi has the pleasure to share with you:

Here is the official website where you can find all the relevant information about the documentary:

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