Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Manii's latest album "Kollaps"

Norwegian band Manii released very recently an album called Kollaps, through Avantgarde Music. As some of you may know, Manii where not always Manii. They started as Perifa, then they changed to Manes, and recently they became Manii and they are one of the projects of Cernunnos, very influent character in Black Metal "scene".
Manii play some very Obscure Black Metal. This new album Kollaps is a good example of it.
The album has 8 tracks. It has a dark introduction full of synchronized sounds almost like an ambient thing, where a guitar riff takes place after 30 seconds. It's a very doomish track very heavy and hypnotizing. Voice comes just a few seconds later, perfect, very throaty, very angry. It's a very good beginning for the album. However, all tracks have an ambient introduction leading to compositions full of sad and obscure melody pierced by raw guitar riffs and deep growls. 
Maybe for Lachryma Christi the most remarkable song is the 5th track titled Kaldt which starts with an acoustic and very melancholic guitar work, soon accompanied by an angry distorted guitar, making all the song feel very powerful and making you want to expel all your worse feelings from your mind and soul.
Don't expect anything very fast and full of foreseeable, as it is not. It is a very calm album, angry enough, misty enough and strong enough to make you dream and like it more at each track.

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