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Interview with Decline of the I plus review to their latest album "Inhibition"

To the ones who don't know, Decline of the I is a post Black Metal project of A.K., also known for being in bands like Vorkreist, Merrimack, etc. The French band released their debut album Inhibition in late 2012 through Agonia Records. It is a very especial album, very depressive, but very touching. You will have the chance to read a review about it on the bottom of the page, just after the interview. For now, Lachryma Christi presents you the interview with A.K.

How did Decline of the I started?

I created this project few years ago, as a following of my previews solo project Love Lies Bleeding which was more into Symphonic Black Metal. In the last efforts there were already some experimentations, but I wanted something different, I needed it, actually. So I decided to create Decline of the I (little story : there is already a song called “Decline of the I”, in the last album of Love Lies Bleeding).

Where did you get the inspiration for the name of the project?

We live in a world that comes to an end. An early end. And it’s obvious that the vision of what the self is, is one of the reason of our end. Unable to feel any real empathy, we are just preoccupied by who we can get more and more pleasure, faster and faster. It’s just fucking sad… So here is one signification of this decline of the I. But, in another perspective, it can be seen more optimistic. One of the few soteriological issues would be to accept a solubility of the self to espace from individuality. I’m not talking about hippy things, like connecting with the love of Earth or shit like that. Just to feel the link to a greater energy, to Life, as Nietzsche describes it. What go through us, all this wave we have to accept. Amor fati, in other words… Everyone has to find his own way to find this. What is inside and outside can be seen as the same thing. And music is just a relfection of that. You have to forget what you are, what you want, what you have when you want to experience true life. Or music. Quite the same for me.

Decline of the I is mostly seen as Post Black Metal music. How do you see it?

First, I see it as a way of not shooting myself. Then, we can talk about music, but it’s not what really matter, from my point of view. So, yes, post black metal if you want, as it’s hard for people to read music. So, we have to find some common terms, values. I guess I don’t make typical Black metal, but in the other hand I can’t say that I invented a new shape. So, as postmodern means that we don’t create but invent new ways of put things together, Post Black metal fits to what I’ve done.

Inhibition is such an amazing work, so touching, where do you get the inspiration for the music?

I started the project as I was in a complicated situation in my life. We can say that I was in a state of inhibition. So I had to express this feeling in a way or another, otherwise all this negative energy would have stayed inside of me...

What are the lyrics about?

Depression, Neurasthenia.... All what happens to you when you are trapped in a situation of aggression from where you can’t escape.

Do you usually read? If yes, what are you reading at the moment?

I read a lot, yes. Mostly philosophy, essays. But nowadays, I’m starting to read novels again. The “classic”. I’m really into Stendhal, for exemple, these days.

How have been the reactions of the public to Inhibition? Are you pleased with them?

I’ve already released a dozen of albums since I’ve begin my career, and I can say that this is the one who has the best reactions. I’m pleased yes. I would be even more if people would actually buy the album instead of downloading it, but ok, these are the new rules...

What are you planning to do next? Can we expect a next work as beautifully strong and deep as Inhibition (or perhaps even better)?

Ahaha nope, I was thinking of making a new album boring, weak and ugly... The next album will be unleashed in a not very distant future. I almost finished to compose it. It will be about the 2nd reaction to an aggression : rebellion. So it will be more brutal, even if I’m not planning to change of style, completely. But this time, there will be blastbeats, for example...

What is the message (if there is a message) you desire to leave to your followers through your music?

I’m not dogmatic at all. So there is no precise message. But it doesn’t mean at all, that this album doesn’t mean anything. The impressions, the feelings can lead the listener to find it.

Anything else you would like to say to readers?

Hate us on facebook :

Line up:

A.K. - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
N - Drums
G - Vocals
S - Vocals

Latest Release:

Inhibition (2012)

Inhibition is a strange work, full of emotions. One of the best albums of 2012 which sadly only reached Lachryma Christi in 2013 already. The artwork cover and all the promotional photos are in black and white (please see pictures posted along with interview) which gives a more depressing look and impression about the album.
The album is made of 8 tracks. All of them very seductive and very melancholic, so touching, it's hard to remain indifferent to the album. First track called Ou Se Trouve La mort? is maybe one of the most dragged and engaging songs in Inhibition. Melody is necessarily sad with a disturbing piano in the beginning, accompanied by some guitar and lately followed by a male voice saying words in French. It's a perfect introduction as you have the chance to understand the essence of it. Doesn't mean it is predictable, it's not. Second track called The End of a Sub-Elitist Addiction is maybe the most aggressive and angry track. Next two tracks follow the same line and then Mother and Whore is more introspective, with female voice speaking in French in a suffered tone. There are still three tracks for you to discover, so go for it. It is an exceptional release, very enticing, very emotional, beautifully constructed.

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