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Interview with Throne of Malediction

This time, Lachryma Christi had the chance to interview Eric and Jessica from Throne of Malediction, Black Metal band from USA. They had released their debut album in 2010 called Ceremonial Blood, and in 2012 they released a split with Irreverent Soul (side project of Throne of Malediction) called Rites where Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forest also participated. They are already planning to release a new album which will be called Out of Darkness, Comes the Light. Let's keep an eye out! 

Why Throne of Malediction? Is there any religious concept behind the name of the band?
Eric Horner(guitars, vocals): It was a name that we and a few ex-bandmates came up with. It has a dark, almost medieval vibe to it that just "clicked" when we heard it. There is no religious concept to it. Also, most importanly, no other band had the name haha... We have some songs with semi-religious subjects, but only as observers of the world. Maybe anti-religious at times I suppose. We focus more on personal, close to home subjects for songs these days.
Your debut album, Ceremonial Blood came out in 2010, are you happy with the results and acceptance of the public?
Eric: I am happy with the songs and the album itself, for a first album. But when it was released, our label (Netherlands based Victory By Fire Records) folded soon after. We really did not get much of a release at all except hasty self promotion via internet. "Ceremonial Blood" is a free download now(on Bandcamp or Mediafire along with "Rites"). The reviews and the small reception we did get has been positive though. I am not sure as to sales, the label owner has all copies somewhere I suppose. With so many new bands out now, its hard to get heard among the pack. We have not really been "accepted" by the public, in my opinion. Throne of Malediction is a band that makes music out of pure compulsion. So will make music as long as we feel like it, regardless of reaction or being "accepted". Though I think we are accepted as a legitimate band by people we respect, in some cases. Being still a very underground band, lack of funds, limited live shows, little promotion and this horrible economy are the main obstacles in our path to progress. Not too mention our personal lives have been quite insane lately. We have plenty of songs in us yet. I just hope the album is appreciated for its art someday, there is a lot to offer on "Ceremonial Blood". With our new album, we hope to gain new fans and get a little more of a reaction. Honestly, it is very hard to approach releasing an album these days. The music industry is in a bit of chaos as far as I'm concerned. I almost think it is redundant to release anymore, but never know, some folks may care to listen. When it comes down to it, we are a simple couple of people doing our thing and trying to survive.
What are your lyrics about? Where do you get your inspiration?
Eric: Sometimes books we read, historical subjects and world events are sources. Mainly we write about more depressive, real life subjects. Very personal lyrics. Artistic inspiration from life experience is our core, not rational thought. Usually we record an instrumental first, then add lyrics and vocals last. So as to match the "feel" of the music better. I personally just feel obsessed with writing songs. I have a love for music and I want to be a part of the artform. It keeps me busy and helps me deal with personal demons at the same time (in a healthy way), I suppose.
Can you tell names of some of your favorite artists, or of artists you think that have a big impact and influence in your work?
Eric: Iron Maiden is my favorite band by far. As for influences and others, Shining, Cradle of Filth, Candlemass, Draconian, Amorphis, Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Forgotten Tomb, Six Feet Under, Sepultura, Megadeth, Porcupine Tree and Opeth are main influences I can name offhand. When we write music, we don't really think of what others sound like though.
Jessica Horner(guitars,vocals): Some of my influences are Danzig, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Life Of Agony, Megadeth, Testament and Amon Amarth. All of these bands have inspired me in different ways. Some musically, others by the vocal style alone. I never grow tired of listening to these artists.
What was in your opinion your most remarkable show so far?
Eric: I can name a few, I love playing live. If just to pick one, the show we did in Oak Harbor, Washington(near Seattle)around 2008 or so. It is featured in a Youtube video. That show had a great crowd, great promoter and was all around fun. We also played a big party show for around 300 in the middle of the woods near Troy, Montana once also in 2010. That was a wild one with police tackling people while we played on and flying beer cans galore. We have not played any real large gigs as of yet. I cannot wait to get back to doing live shows again. Especially since we just relocated to California from Montana. A lot of venues to play here and we still get show offers even though we have never played California. I think there is a demand for something "different" in the metal scene here and we may be able to help to some extent. Not much for black and doom metal here.
Jessica: There were at least two shows we did in Troy Montana, USA at a place called the Home Bar. The crowd was very receptive to the music. Theres no better feeling in the world than connecting with the crowd, it's an electric feeling. I hope in the future I can be lucky enough to have that experience again, it's something you'll never forget.

How did the idea of making a cover of Solitude by Candlemass come up?
Eric: It was kind of more of Jessica's idea. She has been a longtime Candlemass fan and got me into their music. We both love that song and it fits our bands vibe too, lyrically. When rehearsing one day in 2010, we just started jamming the song and it just clicked. I think Jessica did an amazing job on the vocals especially. "Solitude" is not an easy song to sing(Let's see some of those American Idol industry douches do that one haha).We played it live a few times too. We have talked to Messiah Marcolin and sent him a copy of the cover too. He gave us props and sent us some signed pics, that was very nice and an honor for us. Candlemass has always been a very under-rated band. We have done a number of covers over the years live. Including a sped up version of "The Death of Love" by Cradle of Filth that used to go over pretty well. Also, we have played songs by Iggy Pop, Danzig, Six Feet Under and Pro-Pain. We are looking into releasing a few covers in the future too. Songs by bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Hecate Enthroned and Six Feet Under are others we have discussed doing. Never know with us.
Jessica: I had tossed the idea around for awhile, but nothing ever came of it until we started jammong on it in rehearsal one day. When I found that I could push my vocals into other registers, we ran with it.
I've been a Candlemass fan since I was young, so I felt incredibly honored to not only chat with Messiah, but
to recieve some signed photos from him. I'd like to do another cover of them sometime in the future.
How would you define your kind of music? Is it OK if we say Doom Black Metal?
Eric: "Music made by poor people who are half insane" haha... I suppose doom black metal is ok and seems to fit. We really never had a genre in mind when we started. Our only "rule" is we want to sound dark, metal and have feeling to anything we write. To be art, not fashion. Just kind of morphed naturally into blackened doom. We would get bored just playing to blastbeats all the time. So much more can be done, more layers and melody in a bit slower pace. We do play really melencholic and odd sounding songs too that defy any genre logic. I think our new guest artists, Tamara Picardo(from Upon Shadows) and Kevin George(from Immolate the Saints/Martriden/Hemlock) have added very awesome elements to the new songs.
Irreverant Soul are your side-project, as we know. Was it easy to make the split Rites? How was it to work with Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forest?
Eric: Irreverant Soul is just a side project me and Jessica did in 2009 or so, kind of a spontainious thing. Our split "Rites" was easy to do, we had most of the material around already. Just re-mastered a bit. "Rites" does have a few mixing errors I did not fix before release, but that goes with DIY territory in production. "Rites" is overall just a free download preview of our upcoming album and a retrospective on older, unreleased tracks.
I have talked to Daniel(Vrangsinn)for a while now. He has been a great help and inspiration to us as a friend and musician. Not to mention, I have been a fan of Carpathian Forest for a while now. His criticism and help has improved our production to some extent. The song he did with us turned out excellent and I hope to do maybe more. I wish I was in Norway, where he could help us more with production. And we could hang out, record an album and eat pizza haha. I also think his work with Misantrof Antirecords is great. Misantrof is a great thing for the underground scene.
Do you manage well the two projects at the same time?
Eric: Yeah, Irreverant Soul is not much work and we may not record again for that. Jessica is kind of in charge of Irreverant Soul. If she wants to record for it, we may do so. Throne of Malediction is a full time effort. We are always continually recording something nowadays. I am enjoying doing vocals for a few projects as of now too, including the U.K. based band, Nierty(soon to be announced). Most is home based recording at our own pace.
After participating in so many compilations and others, when can we expect a new album of Throne of Malediction? What's in store for the band?
Eric: Right now, we are about to release a new album called "Out of Darkness, Comes the Light". Just getting production and release details done now. We will release a song; "The Soulforge". A ten minute epic based off of the Dragonlance books as a single first. Look for that soon as a free download. The new album probably will be a free download(with limited print physical copy for sale maybe). I am pondering doing an almost "non-metal" album for Throne soon after our next release as well. We record when inspired, so never know. I do know two main goals are to get better production and get live shows going again. Being in a new place with very limited finances is what is slowing down progress now. Just hope for the best I suppose.
Our ultimate (and lofty) goal, is to travel to Europe and play some festivals. I think we would be much more successful overseas, in reality too. We have no illusions that we are some big "rock star" type band, but I think we could hold our own onstage and play good gigs. We believe in our songs and enjoy playing live. If Throne of Malediction could stay underground and get a few good gigs, it would be fine with me. We are not having illusions of getting a large label behind us or anythying, though maybe it would help.
Any last message you would like to leave to your followers?
Eric: To just help us get our music out more, if possible and to support other underground acts as well. Share our free downbloads and albums. We just want to be heard. Many thanks and respect to the supporters we have gained so far, you do help us get through at times when we want to give up. Stay tuned into our releases and get links at our Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation and Bandcamp pages, or just search us... Cheers!!!
Jessica: Thank you for listening and keep it metal!

Line up:
Eric Horner/vox,guitars
Jessica Horner/vox,guitars,keys

Latest release:
Split album with Irreverent Soul, Rites (2012)

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