Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Abnabak's EP "Under The Mask Of Humanity"

For those who don't know, Abnabak is a Black Metal one man band from Morocco which has been around since 2009, and last year released their first EP called Under The Mask Of Humanity.
So, what to say about Under The Mask Of Humanity? It has 4 tracks and the total length is around 18 minutes.
It is a good one. Quite obscure and angry, sometimes getting very close to what Black Metal bands were doing in the 90's. It is really very dark, furious and melodic at the same time. The quality is OK, no noise, easy to understand, bit raw indeed, but good. Pleasant to hear and to hear again. Not boring, not repetitive, but on the opposite, full of good stuff, good riffs, good voice, good ambient sounds, scary stuff at times, but very good work in the end. It's a shame that it took such a long time for Lachryma Christi to listen to this.
Everyone should give a listen to this EP and also keep an eye on Abnabak in the future, because it can be quite big.

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