Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: GIG Saille + Ethereal + Vehement + Premature Birth @ The Unicorn, London, UK, 19th April

So, last month, more precisely on the 19th, Lachryma Christi went to this gig at The Unicorn in Camden, London, UK. It had everything to be a good night, and it was in fact a very good night. The only thing that failed was that Premature Birth cancelled.
So, first band, Vehement. Lachryma Christi had seen them recently at The Black Heart also in Camden. Was good, was professional as always, very tidy, very interactive, the sound was better than at The Black Heart (even though the quality of sound has been improving at The Black Heart). The place was too packed (free gig!), so it was not possible to see the stage at all times, but the show was very good, just a bit short. The public seemed to be enjoying it a lot.
Ethereal were definitely really great. After the disappointment that was the unfair quality of sound that they got at The Garage (in the beginning of April, with Gorgoroth), the expectations were now high, expecting it to go better for them this time, and the results were really good. There were now no doubts that Ethereal are such an awesome powerful band. Again with their corpse paint and very aggressive look, again with their very furious presence and performance, they managed to play a perfect show, full of good music, this time perfectly understandable at all levels. Definitely, a band to see again, many times hopefully.
Headliners, Black Metal band from Belgium Saille. Their album Ritu was the top 1 of the Black Metal albums for Lachryma Christi in 2013. They had been to London not a long time ago, but it wasn't possible to be present, but this time it was, and after a few days of anxiety the show was really amazing. The band was very united, very professional and also with good sense of humor, good interaction with the public, huge effort to make the public react which worked quite well, everyone seemed to be pleased, band and public. The music was good, very good indeed, was a really good gig, hopefully to repeat one day.
So it was a very good night. Nice public, no confusions, good sound, good bands.
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