Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: GIG Gorgoroth + Vital Remains plus guests @ The Garage, London, UK, 6th April

Lachryma Christi went to see Gorgoroth recently in London. The Garage is quite a nice venue, kinda big, pleasant. Too bad it was raining when people were queuing outside.
First band, the British Ethereal. The music is good, their presence and look are good, just the sound was insanely loud. Which sadly made things a bit confusing. To the end it got much better. That's the problem with first bands, even if they do the sound check, it never comes out well in the beginning. Hopefully on Saturday at The Unicorn it will be better. It's a shame, such a nice band with such an unfair quality of sound.
Following band was Death Metal band also from Britain, Ageless Oblivion. Even though they play Death Metal, which isn't the thing of Lachryma Christi, it was a good gig. Has to be said, it was good. Their music is quite good and they had better luck with the sound. In fact, the only band having bad luck with the sound was the first band.
Third band was Vital Remains, Death Metal band from USA. People had high expectations about the gig, and it was a good one apparently. For Lachryma Christi it is just a bit more of the same.
Headliners Gorgoroth. This gig was much awaited. And looks like their performance pleased everyone. It did please Lachryma Christi for sure. The only problem was the lack of interactivity with the public. It was aggressive, strong, fiery, full of nails and corpsepaint, Hoest (vocals as guest) was great. He has loads of followers because of Taake, as you all know, and it was all great. Just in general a bit too "cold" towards the public.
Was a good night though, everyone was pleased in the end.
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