Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review: Alfahanne's debut album "Alfapokalyps"

Alfahanne is a nice band from Sweden, very interesting music in fact. They manage to mix Black Metal with some Rock, some Punk and even some Goth.
Their debut album called Alfapokalyps came out in February through Dark Essence Records. It is indeed really good. Ten tracks of pure entertainment and very good music.
The voice is very original for the music they play. The music is aggressive enough, melodic enough, very full and strong.
Alfahanne is so peculiar and different and good, that they managed to have Taake’s Hoest, Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, and Helheim’s V’gandr as guest vocalists, on one song each. So as you can see, it is really interesting and of really good quality.
Good fun, good music, very professional even though Alfapokalyps is still their debut album. Really impressive and catchy. Once you hear them, they won't leave your brain alone and you will keep singing or humming their songs.
This review is a bit delayed, which is a shame, but is still good to share such a masterpiece.

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