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Interview with Scorned Deity (USA)

This time, Lachryma Christi had the pleasure to interview Brian "Batman" Sheehan from American band Scorned Deity. It was a good surprise when Brian e-mailed Lachryma Christi with info about the band, they make really good music, so an interview had to be done. Before we get to that though, you must know that Scorned Deity are now putting their latest album Adventum up for free as digital download via the band's bandcamp. Check it out here:
And you can also read a review for the same here:
Now, enjoy the interview!

Why Scorned Deity? Where did that name come from?

The name was before my inception. Though the Lovecraftian boy in me relates it to a worshiped being of unfathomable form, conjured to carry out the will of those devout.   Another personal translation is that of every man and woman is his/ her own god, scorned for one's allegiance to a higher power or lesser evil that is not themselves..... However, a name is merely a  grouping of several letters of an alphabet to represent the identification of a person or an object. This is the name chosen to represent our craft, and we fly it's flag high.

What are your lyrics about? Where do you get inspiration?

We fancy ourselves as modern day storytellers. Raconteurs of our own folklore. The existing albums were a two part legend. The tales and trials of a man of nothing, ascending to become king. Most of my lyrical influences are from authors/ poets as opposed to traditional singers and songwriters. Poe, Lovecraft, Bukowski, Stoker... to name a few.  Inspiration is all around us, the trick is having your eyes open in time to see the flash before you. 

How does composing process work with Scorned Deity? What comes first?

We record as we write and write as we record. Polishing and expanding on each other's ideas as they're brought to the table. Eric is the adept one amongst us. His work ensues long before and after our contributions to the albums.  Freedom of experimentation is an understatement for us as it is for those who build their own canvas to paint on. 

How has been the reaction to your latest album Adventum? How satisfied are you?

For lack of a better word, grand. Especially for doing everything ourselves. Spreading our music and word of what were doing is a time consuming task. With the help of underground sites such as this, the task does have it rewards. 

What is in store for Scorned Deity? When can we hear a new release?

We are chin deep in production of our newest venture. Hoping to release by year's end/ early 2015 if not sooner. Still too early to reveal any details, but I can honestly say it is shaping to be our proudest work yet.

Lachryma Christi is based in Europe (UK), but funnily enough majority of visitors are from USA. How is the Black Metal scene/market in United States? 

Metal as a whole is on the incline. Speaking mostly of the Detroit/ mid west scene, the bands and music they're making is genuine and uncompromising. A kind of underground renaissance is underway, making way to the surface.

What about live shows? Anything happening lately? Any upcoming show you would like to advertise here?

Presently, our main priority is new music/ album. So nothing that we can confirm as of now. We have big plans up our sleeves for farther down the line.

Which artists/bands would you like to play or work with? Why?

I could go on for days but will keep the list short. Soilwork would probably be the majority consensus. Albums like "A Predator's Portrait" and "Natural Born Chaos" have a notable influence on our music. EMPEROR! Playing with Emperor would be my struggle in concealing fan boy syndrome. 

Since Scorned Deity already have 10 years of experience as a band, are there any ideas or advice you would like to give to bands that are now starting their journey?

Always be open and susceptible to advice and experiences of others. Just like any other craft, everyday is a learning endeavor for those cursed to better their work. Embrace the curse with unquenchable thirst.

Anything else you would like to say to Lachryma Christi and to everyone who is reading this interview?

Just some shameless name drops for our peers and comrades in Writhing, Konkeror, Isenblast, Traitor, Anagnorisis, Dark Winter, Three Parts Demon, Saprogenic, Cult of Apophis, Horde of The Eclipse, Nightkin, Boreworm.... 

Line up:

Eric Kempa : Guitars, Keys/ Samples, Vocals
Brian Sheehan : Vocals/ Lyrics
Jason Tountas : Guitars
Don Durr: Bass
Additional Vocals and Lyrics by Sarah Hall
Seeking a drummer

Latest release:

Adventum (2013)

You can find more information and music of Scorned Deity in:

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