Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Sguaguarahchristis' latest demo "The Anti Human Black Metal"

So yeah, today has been a day of reviewing already kinda old stuff. Why? Because it wasn't possible to be done earlier, and is still worth to be done now.
Sguaguarahchristis have already released a new album recently this year, but before that, they released this promo, called The Anti Human Black Metal, which is quite a good work.
For those who don't know, Sguaguarahchristis are a band from Italy. Since 2011 they already released two albums, a split, a EP and a demo.
About The Anti Human Black Metal, it is quite raw, high pitched, aggressive, fast, and cold. Don't expect any melodic melancholic tunes here, you won't find them. Instead, you will find a very angry vocals full of hate and also full of energy. Guitar riffs are furious, really fast and strong matching all the rhythm of each track.
Have a listen to it, if you are a fan of old school cold Black Metal you will certainly enjoy it. Mind you, the demo has three songs, and one of them is a cover of Mayhem's Freezing Moon. Good cover, one of the best Lachryma Christi have heard so far.

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