Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Mayhem's upcoming vinyl single "Psywar"

As you all know, Norwegian band Mayhem have been around for a long time, more precisely since 1984 (with a short pause around 1993-1995). After all the controversy, all the line-up changes and the drama that obviously that has caused along the years, they are still alive and kicking thankfully.
Even though there are seven years since last time they released a full-length (Ordo ad Chao), they are now back. For now with Psywar, a single to be released on the 25th of April through Season of Mist.
So Psywar is a vinyl single. A-Side Psywar has a different mastering than the album version, and B-Side is a rare track taken from the Budapest Recording Sessions that everyone is curious about. It is called From Beyond the Event Horizon.
So what to say about this release? Absolutely marvelous. It is 100% Mayhem. No doubts. It is incredible how after such a long time, after so many years and so many musicians, they still keep their flame alive and still are so characteristic. As soon as you hear Psywar you recognize Mayhem right away, the riffs, the compositions, the voice, everything is there. Teloch has been doing an amazing job. 
After you hear both tracks, it is hard to not listen the two tracks over and over again, because they are so cold, raw, strong, majestic as sometimes only Mayhem can be. So much good stuff in only two tracks, so much greatness and richness. 
Production is impressively good as well.
Honestly, a release to make you teary and to make you ask for more.

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