Friday, March 7, 2014

News (old news in fact...): Draugr

This is not news anymore, but Lachryma Christi hasn't shared it yet, so decided to share now for the ones who don't know about it yet.
Black Metal band Draugr decided to end the project so the members can follow different artistic ways. It was an amicable decision. Sad news though anyway.

“As friends, brothers and the ' legio linteata' we announce our decision today to bring to an end the experience that is Draugr. Having arrived at the threshold of 2014, we decided to bring to a close this chapter in our lives that has been so important to us, in order that we may follow different artistic paths. We thank all those who have taken part in the project over the years, and especially the fans for their support. Our last show will take place on December 22 in Pescara and we will shortly be revealing more details about it”.

"Come amici, fratelli e 'legio linteata' annunciamo oggi la nostra decisione di chiudere l'esperienza con Draugr. Arrivati alle soglie del 2014, scegliamo di mettere fine a questo capitolo tanto significativo per noi, per seguire diversi percorsi artistici. Ringraziamo tutti coloro che negli anni hanno preso parte al progetto e, soprattutto, i fan per il loro supporto.  Il  nostro ultimo show, che avrà luogo il 22 dicembre a Pescara e di cui presto sveleremo ulteriori dettagli”

You can still visit their website:

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