Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: The End's latest album "You Made the Rain Disappear..."

The End is a one man band from India, in fact the same man from Krayl (Lachryma Christi reviewed their demo recently too), Svartblood, who is no doubt a very talented musician.
In 2013 The End released an album called You Made the Rain Disappear..., which is a masterpiece. Very melancholic, full of emotions, of pain, of sadness, raw though, beautiful indeed. Everyone should give a listen to it, as it is so special, so musical, so full and impressive. It is hard to explain in words the emotions this album provoke, it is just amazing. It certainly touches the experimental and there is a result there. It really works so good, it's incredible.
There are guest vocals in the album, some screams and voices and angry words, really nice and blended and awesome.
Four songs full of perfection.
The cover is quite suggestive and "pretty" if we can put things that way.

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