Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: The Black Moriah's latest album "Casket Prospects"

A long while ago American Black/Thrash Metal band Black Moriah released an album called Casket Prospects. However only recently Lachryma Christi acknowledged the same when the band sent a message with a demo.
It is an oldish album that's true, but is a good one anyway, so everyone should give a listen to it.
It is motivating, inspiring, very thrashy, quite interesting indeed. Good team, everything matching and everything sounding really good and full. 
Good rhythms, good guitars, voice is not as Black Metalish, more thrashy again, but is very good anyway.
The band is active since 2009 and sadly only one album came out yet.
Hopefully something else will come up at some point soon, these guys deserve to be known and to have loads of people listening to their music, because it is actually very good.

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