Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Krayl's demo "Froide et Sombre"

Kinda recently arrived at Lachryma Christi's inbox this demo from this one man band from India. The band is called Kraul and the demo is from September last year. Froide et Sombre was released through Salute Records.
Times have been hectic so it was not possible to review it until now. It is actually sad that it wasn't possible to do it before, because it is very nice.
This demo has four tracks, all of them very atmospheric, very obscure, very full of detail. It is all quite inspiring, a bit Burzum influenced. Quite fast, very tuned, not very melodic, but melodic enough for you to not get bored and enough for you to actually enjoy it. There are some unexpected bits in the middle of the songs, with wolves, with voices, with keyboards. It is really nice if you are looking for some old school influenced Black Metal, with all the details that people usually consider cliche, but that in fact match so well.
Cover is not a bit Burzum influenced, it is very Burzum influenced as you can see below. Matches the songs very well though.

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